Legacy Presets – Nostalgia


Legacy Presets – Nostalgia. Drawing inspiration from the evocative charm of vintage photographs, this toolkit is a journey into the essence of the golden era  – all while using the newest features of Adobe Lightroom. This toolkit beckons you to explore, experiment, and rediscover the joy of artistic expression, promising to breathe fresh life into your photography and transport your audience to another level of visual and emotional engagement.

The NOSTALGIA Preset Pack is compatible in full functionality with Adobe Lightroom Classic 11 / Camera Raw 14 and newer versions and contains the following editing tools:



The NOSTALGIA preset pack is designed for modern artists with a keen appreciation for atmospheric and nostalgic moods. It encompasses a spectrum of looks, ranging from subtle to strong, reminiscent of old photographs and movies. The overall palette leans towards warmer tones, including a selection of looks expressly crafted to enhance high-contrast scenes with a flatter cinematic profile.

This preset pack aims to evoke a distinct feeling and to elevate your photographs by immersing the viewer into a warm and sentimental narrative. It offers a unique opportunity to set your work apart and capture the essence of nostalgia with a contemporary twist.


While TRUE ROMANCE is more subtle and muted in color, NOSTALGIA is your special brush, your favorite color. A tool to bring something more to your images and ignite your creative expression. Combine both preset packs to an extensive toolset for any situation.


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