Michiel Pieters Preset Pack


Michiel Pieters Preset Pack

Note: Only 10 high quality desktop presets

Michiel Pieters Preset Pack

Michiel Pieters Preset Pack
Michiel Pieters Preset Pack

When editing photos I always go for a certain look. For me the editing process already starts when taking a photo: composition, colors and light are all things you can’t change on your computer. So it’s important to get those right when shooting. The things you can change while editing are the look and feel of every photo. That’s why most photographers you know or follow, use their own presets. By applying a preset to a photo, you will automatically have a ‘base’ edit to start from. In this ‘base’, you know the colors and curves are exactly how you want them to be. From there on, you can start tweaking your photo to achieve the perfect result.

Basically presets are shortcuts in Lightroom to create unity in your photography portfolio. The ones I’m selling here today are presets that I have developed over years of practicing and learning in Lightroom. I’ve studied different color palettes in movies, videos and photos to eventually develop a style I personally really like.

I’ve fine-tuned 10 different presets for you, one for every situation: from moody days, to beautiful sunsets. From Landscapes to portraits, from daytime to blue hour, it’s all in here. You’ll see that none of these presets have a dramatically different outcome, this is because I always go for a certain look and it would make no sense selling you something I don’t use myself. I also added 5 presets for Lightroom Mobile, this way you can even create a certain look in the photos you take with your phone!

Also: these aren’t some cheap presets which are sold by influencers for some quick money. These are the actual presets I use myself daily. I’ve traveled around the world, I’ve created photos in many different circumstances and this preset pack is the result.

In this pack you will find:

  • 10 high quality desktop presets
  • 5 mobile presets(not include)
  • A guide on how to install them(not include)

Some additional guidelines, tips and tricks I use when editing a photo

Below you will find different examples of photos I edited using my presets.

FROM:Michiel Pieters

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