Sean Dalton – Complete Preset Bundle


Sean Dalton – Complete Preset Bundle. Presets for Every Purpose. All presets compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Travel & Adventure

40 travel & adventure presets focusing on interesting color combinations, making photos from any environment pop.

Classic Portrait

24 unique and finely detailed portrait presets that emphasize skin tones in a classic and timeless way.

Food & Cafe

24 custom cafe style presets that are designed to give your food, coffee, or cafe photos a soft, vivid, and moody look.

Dark & Moody

20 premium dark & moody style presets designed to give your images deep, dark, and moody color and tone combinations.

Autumn Tones

20 premium presets created to give all your photos warm, golden, and glowing autumn tones.

FROM: Sean Dalton

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