Tessa Shannon – Complete Pack


Tessa Shannon – Complete Pack.

  • 7 x Colour Presets
  • 2 x Black and White Presets
  • Includes 23 Page Editing Guide
  • Includes Installation Instructions

01. BASE
My foundational preset. This baby delivers true skin tones + crisp whites. It preserves the overall original colouring while softening the shadows and adding just a bit of magic. Easily adjustable to your taste and style!

Like a warm, dreamy hug. The same true to life colors as BASE, but as the name implies, this preset adds a gorgeous tangible grain. On top of that, it adds a yummy warmth to the shadow — easily adjusted to your taste!

This preset add some depth and luminance when you really need it. It seamlessly maintains the overall original colouring, while keeping the shadows unmuddied + the whites crisp! Swap the tone curve PUNCHY for curves BASE, GRAINY or GREEN for a softer effect.

This preset is fab for scenarios where the green hues are skewing too far yellow, in both harsh and even light. It cools the greens without disturbing the other colours. The green and yellow HSL sliders can be used to tweak as needed. But don’t write this baby off for green photos only, because it also preserves low light sunset colours really beautifully!

This preset works wonders in low-light outdoor or dark indoor settings, but can be used in ambient light too! It maintains skin tones while keeping the whites cool and bright. Easily adjustable tones to suit your specific colouring and lighting situation.

This preset is my most specific, as I use it pretty exclusively in super ambient low light. It provides a light touch for images shot with high ISO — maintaining the overall warmth and cool highlights, without over-editing the shot.

This has the same true to life colours as the other presets, but with some brighter highlights and luminance for that extra bit of pop. Warm shadows, cool subtle highlights and a hint of grain for some texture!

08. B+W SOFT
My softer, grainer, more muted black and white. It’s dreamy in literally any light, and there’s no tint or colouring to it — so it’s a true, timeless black and white!

FROM: https://tessashannon.com/shop-presets

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