Visual Storytelling with Nathaniel Drew & Johnny Harris


Visual Storytelling with Nathaniel Drew & Johnny Harris. Learn how to capture your travel experience and share your story through video.

About This Course

In this course, travel filmmakers Johnny Harris and Nathaniel Drew team up to deconstruct and share all they know about the art of visual storytelling. With a focus on how to tell a compelling travel story, this course will give both beginners and experts the perspectives and skills they need to tell better stories through video. Storytelling goes way beyond a fun vacation edit — it’s about finding meaning in your experiences and sharing them in a way that is meaningful to others. It’s about making sense of your life and learning about who you are. This course covers every step of the process, from idea generation all the way to shooting and post-production, and how to make use of music to develop your edit. Join Johnny and Nathaniel as they lean into their extensive experience and distinct styles to teach you key insights into the art of storytelling.

What You’ll Learn

  • The three levels of visual storytelling
  • Different ways to think about story
  • How to reflect on and choose a theme for your story
  • How to capture your experiences while on the ground
  • How to structure a story both on paper and in the edit
  • Post-production techniques for better story editing
  • How music can help you tell a better story

FROM: Nathaniel Drew & Johnny Harris

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