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Voyager LUT Pack Pro Pack

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Voyager LUT Pack Pro Pack

The Voyager LUTs create beautiful studio-quality creative looks to help you grade faster so you can take your images further on every job and consistently deliver high-end work that can grow your career.

The Voyager LUT Pack comes with 17 LUTs for use in DaVinci Wide Gamut, from film-style looks for narrative and documentaries to clean looks for commercials and modern looks for Netflix or HBO series.

Even more, these LUTs are built with custom color science, not color correction tools, just like the LUTs used at major facilities by our industry’s best-known names. This means the looks won’t ever break and can help you achieve results you never could using only the tools in Resolve.

Want even more creative freedom? Grab the Pro Pack, which contains all 17 original Voyager LUTs plus the components I used to design them.

You’ll receive 24 tone and palette LUTs to create the exact look you want quickly and easily, as well as PowerGrades showing how these components were used to build the 17 LUTs in the Voyager Essential pack.

Both the Essentials and Pro Pack come with:

  • The 17 Voyager LUTs, which work scene-referred in DaVinci Wide Gamut, ensuring you can grade your projects in a proper color-managed workflow – like a professional
  • Full installation instructions, including the best Resolve settings so your LUTs produce the right results
  • A mini color grading course to ensure you’re equipped to make your footage look stunning underneath these LUTs, no matter what camera it was shot on.
  • A “Tasting Notes” pdf with full descriptions of each LUT, including what they do and ideal situations to use them in

LUT used: Nelvana.

Nelvana’s signature is its strong yet tasteful saturation, along with filmic contrast and color densities. Much more than a simple emulation, it produces colors and and overall palette that a film system never could. Works great on projects with lower saturation and/or color contrast in need of a strong boost.

LUT used: Elora.

Elora is a versatile look with a subtle split-tone scheme and filmic density. It offers an “organic” feel that makes it as workable for commercial and TV work as for film projects.

LUT used: Cerberus.

Cerberus is a medium-contrast look with cool accents, silvery highlights, and a subtly filmic color palette. Great for fiction and non-fiction projects alike.

LUT used: Hypatia.

Hypatia is Cambra’s evil twin (another LUT inside the Voyager pack.) It offers a completely different set of film-like aesthetics, but just as rich. Its signatures include a print-like black point, dense foliage, and warm yellows. Another great option for narrative fiction or doc work.

LUT used: Valo.

Valo is one of two “contrast-only” looks in the Essentials Pack designed to minimally alter your image’s core characteristics. It imparts strong modern contrast with a moderate net increase in saturation, along with teal/gold split-toning. A great choice for commercials and documentary work in need of more true-to-life color reproduction.


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