William Patino Complete Pack


William Patino Complete Pack Bundle. This bundle will break down the confusing walls of photography and post-processing once and for all.

William Patino Complete Pack Bundle

William Patino - Complete Pack
William Patino – Complete Pack

Over thirty hours of in-depth training and hundreds of powerful editing tools!

This bundle will break down the confusing walls of photography and post-processing once and for all. Whether you are just getting started or you’ve been shooting for years, this bundle will help you to create masterful images that you are truly proud of, consistently!


Master your camera, use light like a pro, and post-process your photographs into jaw-dropping works of art.

Introduction to Landscape Photography Composition

I want to help you learn the most important rules for composing better, more impactful, and dramatic photographs. Once you know these rules, you can start finding more interesting compositions. You’ll discover your own ways to break these rules, to bend them to what is true to your own aesthetic.

10 Tips for Landscape Photographers

Get inspired on your photography journey with some practical tips and advice from a pro with years of experience to boost your skill and advantage in selecting and capturing images you can be proud of.

Landscape Photography Masterclass

Starting with breaking down the confusing theories in photography like composition and light, through live shoots out in the field, through to a full retouch. This is my entire process broken down in an effective and easy to learn masterclass.

Landscape Photography Gear Masterclass

From lenses to camera bodies, tripods to ND filters, learn how to choose the right gear for each shot and what to think about before heading out to shoot a landscape. There’s no sales pitches or plugs, I just want you to be able to make the right choices for your art!

Adobe Camera Raw Quickstart

This course is about helping you get the most from your RAW files. Learn simple and effective editing techniques that will dramatically improve your landscape photography. Take the confusion and guesswork out of your RAW conversion workflow!

Photoshop for Landscape Photographers

In this course, I will share with you my personal techniques and methods for effective editing in Photoshop. Covering a variety of adjustments, you’ll learn essential tips and tricks which can be easily adopted in your own workflow for simple yet powerful results.

Monochrome Photography

This course is all about unpacking the power of Adobe Camera Raw, teaching you a variety of ways to convert your raw files into dramatic, impactful black and white images. Being able to take control of the viewer’s attention can be what makes a great image incredible!

Panoramic Landscape Photography Masterclass

Learn the settings for shooting handheld telephoto scenes with front to back sharpness and depth, simple yet powerful RAW file adjustments in Photoshop for correcting and improving dynamic range, boosting color and adjusting contrast!

Landscape Photography Exposure Blending

In this course, you’ll learn a broad range of skills for creating beautiful, landscape images with impact and depth. Sometimes the conditions just aren’t perfect. Learn how to pick gorgeous elements from multiple exposures to create an incredible final image.

Capturing Magic Light at Sunset

Join me from start to finish on a once-in-a-lifetime weather day at Milford Sound. I was rewarded with an amazing sunset in this usually rain-filled place. Learn how to shoot and process an image at sunset, using light, contrast, and composition to improve your shots.

Handheld Slow Shutterspeed Photography

Learn how to get the look you want, even handheld, when a scene demands a slow shutter speed. I’ll explain my approach and decision-making in the field and then take you through the full edit, from RAW to the finished jpeg.

Telephoto Landscape Photography Masterclass

Learn how I focus stack handheld images with a telephoto lens for an infinite depth of field. This will help you create bigger, sharper, more gorgeous landscape images! I’ll also walk you through my post-processing secrets for getting the results you want, quickly.

Night Sky Photography Retouching

In this masterclass, I’ll be teaching my entire night sky process. Learn my tips for bringing out color, drama, and majesty from a night sky image. You’ll learn how to use focus stacking and enhance luminosity to create magical results.

Creating Atmosphere in Landscape Photography

Learn step-by-step simple yet powerful RAW file adjustments in Photoshop for boosting tones, dynamic range, and creating atmosphere. You’ll also see how to blend together a focus stack for an infinite depth of field and how to enhance sunlight on any landscape!

Focus Stacking Masterclass

In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to create dramatic and eye-catching landscape imagery using wide angles lenses. Discover how to use focus stacking to emphasize foreground details, how to compose a grand scene, and how to maximize visual flow and impact.


Powerful Editing Tools

Lightroom Presets


Dramatic Light Lightroom Presets

Specifically put together to enhance the dramatic effect of your landscape images. Using this set of presets allows you to rapidly apply powerful transformations to your images.

Landscape Lightroom Presets

These are the general Landscape presets that were selected for use in many varieties of Landscapes. These presets will provide inspiration and set you in the right direction when it comes to creating great landscape images and saving time in processing your files.

Winter Lightroom Presets

This selection of presets was made specifically for winter scenes. With these presets you’ll be able to browse through the options to find new and interesting directions to take your editing. Transform images with snow and ice with just a single click.

Photoshop Tools

Dramatic Light Photoshop Presets

Adding to or creating dramatic light is easy with this ACR preset pack. Choose from 30 amazing tools to transform a flat image into a dramatic masterpiece!

Landscape Photoshop Presets

30 of my most used tools for Landscape images. Some big changes to add drama and pull out portions of a photo, and some useful tools for correcting common problems.

Winter Photoshop Presets

One-click tools to maximize a winter look in your photos. Add drama, mood, and impact to cooler images with these powerful ACR tools!

Atmospheric Photoshop Actions

More customizable than presets, my Atmospheric Photoshop Actions will help you make changes to your images in seconds. Corrections, creative choices, and tweaks in just one click.

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