Andre Josselin - New York Lightroom Presets

Andre Josselin – New York Lightroom Presets

The Andre Josselin New York City preset pack is a truly breathtaking collection of photographic tools that will transport you to the vibrant streets of the Big Apple. With his unique eye for capturing the essence of this iconic city, Josselin has curated a selection of presets that perfectly capture the energy and atmosphere of NYC.

Each preset in this pack is carefully crafted to bring out the best in your photographs, whether you’re capturing the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan or the bustling streets of Brooklyn. The colors are bold and vibrant, with deep blacks and rich tones that give your images a cinematic quality. Whether you’re shooting in the bright sunlight of Central Park or the moody streets of the Lower East Side, these presets will help you create images that are truly unforgettable.

One of the standout features of this pack is the way that Josselin has balanced the colors to give your images a distinctive New York City feel. The yellow cabs, neon lights, and red brick buildings that define this city are all represented in the presets, giving your photographs a sense of place and time that is truly unique.

But it’s not just the colors that make this pack so special. Josselin has also included a range of adjustments that will help you fine-tune your images to perfection. From sharpening and noise reduction to vignettes and split toning, these presets give you complete control over your final images.

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to take your work to the next level or an amateur photographer looking to capture the magic of New York City, the Andre Josselin New York City preset pack is an essential addition to your toolkit. With its powerful features and stunning results, it’s a true testament to the skill and vision of one of the world’s most talented photographers.

Note that these presets are created for Lightroom & Photoshop on desktop.


  • Adobe® Lightroom® 4 or later
  • Adobe® Camera Raw CS6 or later
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