Carssun – 35mm Film Mobile Presets


Carssun – 35mm Film Mobile Presets.

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Carssun – 35mm Film Mobile Presets

Carssun – 35mm Film Mobile Presets
Carssun – 35mm Film Mobile Presets

Shooting film is expensive, use these instead. Crafted for adobe lightroom mobile. Different colored hues & a good amount of grain. How I edit my photos to look like film.

  • 35MM FILM 00
  • 35MM FILM 01
  • 35MM FILM 02
  • 35MM FILM 03
  • 35MM FILM 04
  • 35MM FILM 05
  • 35MM FILM 06
  • 35MM FILM 07
  • 35MM FILM 08

How to install mobile:

*Download your presets on a computer*

Once you purchase, you will receive an email that contains a link that will last for 24 hours.

Before you begin – download the mobile lightroom cc app from the app store. Sign up for an adobe account if you don’t have one already, this is free on mobile.

Click on the link to download the presets. There should be dng files inside the folder.

Download the zip file onto your computer. Open the folder, select all the files & send all the preset files to your phone, using airdrop or email if you don’t have an iphone.

When you open them on your phone, the files might come up either grey, white or black. Don’t worry that is normal.

Once the files are on the phone, go to the lightroom app. Inside, create a new album, labeling it carssun. You can do this by going to the top right and clicking the “+”

Next, click on the 3 dots on the right side next to the album, and click ‘add photos’ after added, the photos should come up and you should now be able to see the title of each preset. (If not, go into ‘view options’ and turn on ‘photo info’)

Go to the presets folder & click on the first preset, click the 3 dots in the top right corner and then click ‘create preset’. Name it accordingly, make sure all the boxes are checked & then click ‘save’ in the top right. Repeat this on each preset.

Once you’re done, you can begin to edit your photos by uploading your own image and sliding all the way to the right on the tool bar and select “presets”.

Please keep in mind that these presets might not achieve the exact look you’re going for immediately. Additional adjustments may be needed. After applying preset— try adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. I personally adjust my photos after applying a base preset because I shoot different types of lighting.

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