Janelle Elise Pack 02


Janelle Elise Presets Pack 02 aims to create a timeless feeling through preserving color, keeping your photos’ whites white, and adding a punch of vibrancy to your images.


Janelle Elise Presets Pack 02 aims to create a timeless feeling through preserving color, keeping your photos’ whites white, and adding a punch of vibrancy to your images. If you’re a luxury photographer seeking to elevate your photography without losing what the day actually looked and felt like, these presets are for you.

You’re going to be blown away when you experience how this pack keeps your images true to life while adding a fresh, clean, vibrant punch to them. The best part? Janelle Elise Presets Pack 02 takes into consideration every moment of a wedding day. Whether it’s low lighting during a reception, or bright sunny days, there is a preset in this pack to achieve the timeless, punchy look you desire.

Janelle Elise Pack 02 consist of 8 color presets, and 2 BW presets.

Before and after images below demonstrate how each preset manipulates an image with identical white balance and exposure.

Please see * below for compatibility. Scroll below to view the Editing Preview video to get a better idea of what’s included in the pack.


This is my most classic preset. It’ll keep your whites white, while highlighting the tones in your images. The greens are green. The blues are blue. With this preset, you’ll never have to worry about your couples telling you that your editing made their skin look green or the colors of their clothes look off. It’s true to life while elevating the look and feel of your photos.


This preset makes all your harsh light worries fade. It brightens your subjects without blowing out your images, and it keeps all of your tones luxurious. With this preset, you’ll never be scared to shoot outside again.


This preset is perfect for those glory golden hour portraits. It’s warm, punchy, vibrant, and really makes the sunset pop. You’re going to become even more obsessed with golden hour after you start using this preset.


Take my golden hour preset and really amp up the warmth and contrast. This is perfect when you need a little something extra from the light.


This is for all of my photographers who want to make those whites white, even in churches or dimly lit venues. This preset brightens up images and makes all the colors pop without losing those true to life tones.


Different from the Indoor preset, this preset is perfect for candlelit dinners and creating that warm ambiance we love to see at receptions. This preset is great for detail photos and clean tones.


For those moments on the dance floor or when you want those classic in-the-moment feels in your photos, this preset is perfect for direct flash. It keeps all the colorful dresses and lights true to life, and helps with brighten faces and skin tones.


Warmer and earthier colors than either of the golden hour presets. This preset makes all those browns feel warm instead of dead. Warning: you might actually start loving November sessions after you try this preset.


I love a classic black and white image. No sepia tones. Just creamy whites and crisp blacks.

My BW preset with a little bit more contrast, a little bit more of a dynamic feeling. Works great at night or for those reception and direct flash images.

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