LSP Actions – Fur Babies Photoshop Action Editing Suite


Fur Babies The Photoshop Action Editing Suite for creative pet photographers. Complete fine art animal editing workflow, so you can transform your animal images into stunning fine-art “pawtraits” time & time again.

No matter where you are in your pet photography journey, this is a game changer for modern photographers who want to confidently create timeless high-end animal captures, that stand out. Finally say goodbye to feeling like your images are missing that special something or spending hours editing and instead, rely on a proven process that allows you to consistently create the most stunning pet images imaginable for your clients.

Fur Babies takes care of everything, but leaves you in complete control. Brush on silky fur, enhance those sweet features, add depth and hazy blurs, instantly fix the white balance and shadows, mix the light diffuse finishers to create your signature style… all without effecting the original image and all fully editable. This means you can edit those sumptuous fine-art animal portraits you’ve always dreamed of and you can elevate your business to the next level with stand-out, scroll-stopping images. The possibilities are endless with gorgeous results time and time again.


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