Nomadic George – Kodak 2383 Cinematic PowerGrade


Nomadic George – Kodak 2383 Cinematic PowerGrade. Cinematic Film Aesthetics, in One Powerful PowerGrade.

NOTE: This is version 1.2.1

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Kodak 2383 Cinematic PowerGrade

Cinematic Film Aesthetics, in One Powerful PowerGrade.

– For Use in DaVinci Resolve

– Fully Customizable
– Compatible with Any Camera via the Color Space Transform OFX.

– Use With Any Type Of Project

– Free Lifetime Updates.

– Latest Version: v.1.5

About the Kodak 2383 Film Print Stock

Kodak 2383 film print stock, created by Eastman Kodak, made its debut in the world of cinema in the late 1980s. This iconic film stock quickly became a preferred choice for cinematographers due to its remarkable color characteristics. Known for its warm and rich colors, Kodak 2383 had a unique ability to capture the essence of the scenes it was used to film. The film stock’s exceptional color rendition and neutral handling of shadows and highlights allowed filmmakers to achieve a distinct and captivating visual aesthetic that became synonymous with the era.

One of the defining features of Kodak 2383 was its capacity to infuse scenes with an evocative and nostalgic quality, enhancing the emotional impact of the storytelling. The film stock’s warm color palette lent a timeless and cinematic appeal to a wide range of projects, making it highly sought after for feature films, television shows, music videos, and advertisements alike.

Even with the advent of digital cinema in the 2000s, the legacy of Kodak 2383 film print stock endures. Filmmakers and enthusiasts continue to recreate its nostalgic and captivating look using LUT packs and film emulations, paying homage to the era when this legendary film stock reigned supreme in the world of cinematography.

Note: This PowerGrade is a valuable tool that’ll aid in achieving a refined color grade, enhancing your videos’ color palette to resemble cinematic films. However, it is essential to note that PowerGrades are not instant fixes or magical filters for achieving a Hollywood-caliber look with a single click. While well-developed PowerGrades are designed to bring you closer to your desired final look, they may not precisely replicate the exact aesthetics of the Hollywood films mentioned above. Achieving a 1:1 identical look of a certain scene in a hollywood film will depend on the subject matter and lighting conditions of your footage. This PowerGrade will serve as a catalyst and aid in elevating your footage to achieve a professional and cinematic appearance.


Cinematic Color Contrast

In color theory, the word “color contrast” is used to define the harmonious distinction between color hues. This Kodak 2383 film print emulation powergrade automatically changes the colors in your image and arranges them into a pleasing color harmony to give your video a visually appealing and cinematic appearance.

Subtractive Saturation for Filmic Color Density

Rich tones and deep colors are a crucial component of any cinematic film aesthetic. The Kodak 2383 color contrast and the subtractive saturation added by this Davinci Resolve Powergrade combine to produce a balanced and aesthetically pleasing saturation.

Halation, Glow, & Film Grain 

Videos that were captured using film cameras naturally contain halation, glow, and film grain. In order to produce an image that appears to have been taken with a film camera, the 2383 Powergrade has a section of nodes that process your image before it reaches the film print emulation and adds that film camera look to your video.

Built-In Skin Retouching Nodes

With the help of built-in Photoshop style frequency separation and native Davinci Resolve OFX, you can achieve clean skin texture and even skin tones of professional quality.

Improve Your Look Development

The Kodak 2383 powergrade creates a great film look which can serve as a final look DNA for any project and also serves as a great base for taking your color grade further. You will notice the intuitiveness of your footage when building a color grade on top of the Kodak 2383 film print emulation and how it gives you better looking results.

FROM: Nomadic George


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