Anna Roussos – How to Use Flash: A Handbook of a Wedding Photographer (*digital edition)


Anna Roussos – How to Use Flash: A Handbook of a Wedding Photographer (*digital edition).

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Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction to Flash Photography in Weddings
  • The significance of using flash in wedding photography
  • The role of flash in capturing well-lit and dynamic images in various lighting conditions
  • The importance of mastering flash techniques for delivering high-quality results
Chapter 2: Flash Equipment
  • Speedlights

  • Speedlight Accessories

  • Our Flash Equipment Arsenal

Chapter 3: Natural Light vs. Flash
  • Comparing the characteristics of natural light and flash photography

  • Situations when flash is useful, even during daytime

Chapter 4: Flash Light – Understanding the Basics
  • Basic flash settings you should know

  • Camera settings while working with flash

  • Managing flash intensity

  • On-camera vs. off-camera flash

Chapter 5: Techniques for Balancing Ambient Light with Flash
  • Using flash as key light

  • Balancing flash and ambient light

  • Using flash as fill in light

Chapter 6: Our Preferred Approaches to Various Wedding Moments
  • Flatlays & Flash

  • Portraits  & Flash (Direct sunlight on your subject, Sunset time, Harsh and high sun, Night portraits)

  • Reception coverage & Flash (Family Portraits, Cocktail hour, Cake Cutting, First Dance, Speeches)
  • Party Time & Flash (Wide-angle shots of the dance floor, Band, People dancing)

*Each technique in Chapter 6 will be illustrated with sketches and sample images, helping you visualise and use them as a comprehensive guide. Each photograph in this book will also be accompanied by the camera and flash settings employed during its capture.


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