By Leelou – Ritual Price & Info Guide


By Leelou – Ritual Price & Info Guide.

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By Leelou – Ritual Price & Info Guide

Tick off that to-do list

Are you not happy with your current price guide? Has this part of your business been on your to-do list for…forever?

We hear you, we see you. Well, quit procrastinating and do a happy dance; we’re kick-starting your journey right here, right now!

These dreamy, high-converting price guide is what you’ve been waiting for. Play with it as much as you like or keep it simple, launch your bespoke Price Guide in a matter of days.

Yours for keeps, tick this off your list. EASY PEASY. Woohoo!

Copy included

There’s no point having an awesome price and information guide if there’s no words because copy SELLS, right?

Stop stressing and thank us later.

Our price guide includes full copy all-done for you. The copy can be used as is (no need to change) completely customised or simply choose which sections you keep and which sections you customise.

This copy and price guide sections are all based of models that have been tested in the industry.

Why Have A Price & Information Guide?

A couple love your work, so much they have emailed you. Yay…celebration dance!

Now it is time to reassure them that you are the right fit for them. Supplying trust is crucial at this point as you know that your clients already love the work you create. This is where your Price and Information Guide comes in. Having a professionally designed Price and Information Guide, packed with every question or query your client may have, while displaying your photography beautifully is a huge encouragement for your client to step over the line and book.


Welcome / Why Choose Me
Our Process
Second Shooter
Engagement Shoot
Travel Dates
How to Book

all completely customisable

Features And Extras


Our Pdf guides are completely customisable in InDesign and Canva.


An in-depth help and information guide is included to guide you through InDesign + Canva


Free fonts are included in the Price and Information Guide , ready for you to use if you so wish.


The sky is the limit! Completely customise your Price and Info Guide, using our in-depth customisation tutorial.

Free fonts are included in the Price and Information Guide , ready for you to use if you so wish.


We talk you though how to customise your design in InDesign and Canva.


A checklist is included to ensure that all areas in the PDF have been modified to suit your brand.
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