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G-Presets – Miles Witt Boyer – Abide Presets. Abide Presets were created with the goal that color, depth, and the art hiding inside files become just as evident as the creativity of the photographer who shot them.

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Presets carefully crafted to breathe life into images. Abide Presets were created with the goal that color, depth, and the art hiding inside files become just as evident as the creativity of the photographer who shot them. This pack showcases true-to-life color science with nostalgic and cinematic undertones that bring back the beauty in a scene while adding a touch of drama and life to what was really there.

Abide Presets empower photographers to see their images come to life, giving them the ability to create their own recipes with combinations of the presets and tools that add extra magic to the art they’ve already created.

This pack is for the photographer looking for a foundation for their work – a place where they can find balance and strength to start exploring the way they want their work to evolve and feel. From start to finish, the cinematic undertone of Abide presets allows photos to feel like something in between a dream and a great movie.

Abide Presets consist of 4 color presets, 2 BW presets, and 8 AI presets (see below for compatibility).

Before and after images below demonstrate how each preset manipulates an image with identical white balance and exposure.


The name says it all. This is the foundation of Abide. The place where the color in the file comes to life and where every other preset in this pack was built from. Slightly open shadows, a warm welcoming tone, rich contrast, and a cinematic drama lives right under the surface. Essential is always the right place to start.


This is my favorite preset in this pack because the tones are so subtle and yet the way the light comes through is still modern and crisp. A little less punch in the colors that sometimes cause some trouble like green and orange allows skin tones to feel true to life while being incredibly forgiving in mixed and complex lighting situations.


Just enough extra. We rebuilt the Essential preset for Punchy to allow for a bit more drama throughout the entire file without saturations going crazy. It’s meant to lay right beside a soft color or essential edit and not get too much attention but still get noticed. The perfect preset for backlit or low contrast situations to add flare and spice back into the image.


Just enough character without losing the moment. This Black and White is balanced and timeless. A blend of modern dynamic range and nostalgic film inspired blacks make this my very favorite black and white I’ve ever worked with. I love using this preset when I have an image packed with emotion or context and the color is taking away from the moment.


Similar to the Soft Color preset but like the artsy filmic little brother. The Matte preset is a break from the timeless vibes of the Essential set. A trendy cross between expired film and polaroid with grain and texture and the perfect soft tones throughout. It’s not for every session but when it’s perfect, no other preset comes close.


Muted but not muddy. Soft but not glowy. Textured but not gritty. This BW pairs perfectly with the color Matte preset as a playful unexpected element in this pack. It’s the BW I never knew I always wanted.

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