Lookslikefilm – Elemental Presets


Lookslikefilm – Elemental Presets

Lookslikefilm - Elemental Presets
Lookslikefilm – Elemental Presets

Our Elemental Presets were born and inspired by the rust and dust of the world around us. From sandstone cliffs to the wrought iron and aged industrial tones of the turn of the century, the Elemental Preset Pack is perfect for artistic and versatile edits on the go. Just like all LOOKSLIKEFILM presets, The Elemental Preset’s vintage looks are calibrated to feel like old film stock. These presets are ideal for portraits and environments, and each preset serves as a solid foundation for matching your photographic style. Start with one preset and customize to create dozens of your own looks or purchase the collection for various calibrated looks.

10 Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets

  • Cobalt 27 – Warm and clean and classic with lifted lights
  • Zinc 30 – Clean and bright hues with softer highlights
  • Cadmium 48 – Rosy, soft and warm hues
  • Copper 29 – Rustic, glowing highlights and shadows
  • Tungsten 74 – Balanced, with cool contrasting tones
  • Aluminum 13 – Bright, balanced, blended tones
  • Gold 79 – Warm contrasting tones with lifted shadows
  • Carbon BW 6 -Perfectly balanced, black and white base
  • Iridium BW 77 – Warm tinted monochrome with lifted lights
  • Selenium BW 34 – Cool tinted monochrome with soft highlights


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