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Matt Johnson – WhoisMatt LUTs. Easily Get Vibrant, True To Life Colors That You Will Love.

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Matt Johnson – WhoisMatt LUTs

Easily Get Vibrant, True To Life Colors That You Will Love.

WhoisMatt 01

The original look that started it all. With a warm, vibrant palette that prioritizes skin tones, this LUT gives you exactly what you need to make your colors stand out.

WhoisMatt 02

Stepping back from the intensity of WhoisMatt 01, this LUT provides a subtle richness of color with a softer contrast and saturation.

This LUT is perfect for giving your footage a moodier look.

WhoisMatt 03

The most vibrant LUT in this pack, WhoisMatt 03 adds punch to contrast and saturation without oversaturating your image or overexposing highlights.

WhoisMatt 04

With a desaturation applied to the greens, skin tones will pop from the background, making for a beautiful image that is unique.

WhoisMatt 04 works exceptionally well with outdoor footage such an elopement wedding film.

WhoisMatt 05

When I visited Iceland I was amazed how sunsets lasted for hours. This LUT is my attempt to capture the high contrast and warm colors of those sunsets, no matter the time of day.

By mixing natural highlight colors with a bit of desaturation to the greens, you’ll make any video feel like an Iceland sunset.

WhoisMatt 06

If WhoisMatt 05 is sunset, WhoisMatt 06 is the blue hour that comes after. Cooler shadows really make skin tones pop with this LUT.

FROM: Matt Johnson – WhoisMatt

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