The Classic Presets – Classic Vision 3


The Classic Presets – Classic Vision 3

The Classic Presets – Classic Vision 3
The Classic Presets – Classic Vision 3

Kodak Vision 3 has been the standard film stock for motion picture since 2007. This emulsion comes in 4 variants. 2 Tungsten based films (Kodak Vision 3 200T and 500T) and two daylight films (Kodak Vision 3 50D and 250D) are available in 8, 16 and 35mm formats. Many music videos, short films and feature films have been shot on this stock, as some masterminds of today’s cinema like to go the extra mile for the look of real 35mm film. Quentin Tarantino, or Christopher Nolan just love that look and even though digital will never be as good as real analog film, this is the best attempt to get as close to that as possible. After almost 3 years of development, we finally have Classic Vision 3 presets. They are based on 5 profiles that do what can’t be done in Adobe CameraRAW and Adobe Lightroom. 5 presets call these profiles independently and give the look the final touch. All cameras are supported whose data Lightroom and ACR can process and of course a Lightroom Mobile workflow is also possible without problems.

This product will work with Adobe Lightroom CC (cloud based Version), CameraRAW (10.3 and above) and Classic CC (7.3 and above). To use them with Lightroom Mobile, you’ll need a Lightroom CC or Classic CC running on Windows, or OS X.

These are the looks you get:

  • Kodak Vision 3 50D
  • Kodak Vision 3 200T
  • Kodak Vision 3 250D
  • Kodak Vision 3 500T
  • Kodak Vision 3 500T C41

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