The Classic Presets – Kwerfeldein x Friends


The Classic Presets – Kwerfeldein x Friends

The Classic Presets - Kwerfeldein x Friends
The Classic Presets – Kwerfeldein x Friends

A conspiracy is in progress! Many of you will know me and the Classic Presets through If there hadn’t been an article about the Classic K14 Presets back then, I don’t know if everything would have turned out so wonderfully. With Kwerfeldein I share two very important things. Photography is very important to us and we find it hard to do something for money. Kwerfeldein finds it even harder than I do, because it was my idea to start a kind of Charity Preset Collaboration in order to finance the magazine. Advertising and brand collaboration has become very difficult, especially if you want to stay independent. Now, after months of persuasion, planning and communication, there is only the Kwerfeldein x Friends Lightroom Preset Bundle.
The Preset Pack is not only filled by me. A few wonderful people also throw something in the hat. Everyone contributes a preset that represents their work. With the income from this we support

This product will work with Adobe Lightroom CC (cloud based Version), CameraRAW (10.3 and above) and Classic CC (7.3 and above). Let me make this perfectly clear. Lightroom 6.14, or an old cracked Lightroom CC version older than 7.3 are NOT supported. To use them with Lightroom Mobile, you’ll need a Lightroom CC or Classic CC running on Windows, or OS X.

Being part of it:

Simone Betz

Simone brings us pastel skin and soft colours for our portraits.

Photo Zander

Moody Weddings, moody portraits, here a little melancholy resonates.

Ben Bernschneider

Ben’s Preset is a celebration for life. Vivid colours meet rough tonal values. This is all about enjoyment to the full.

Laura Zalenga

Laura’s preset is gentle and thoughtful. Cleverly arranged color corrections here only slightly alienate the environment while flattering the protagonists. This preset is ideal for portraits.

Maximilian Gödecke

Max orientates himself on reality, which he likes to underline, but does not transform into the abstract. Here the focus is on reality and therefore the recommendation is: Photojournalism!

Tobias Löhr

For Tobias everything has to be real. His wedding reportages are clever observations of stories he highlights. He goes a little further than Maximilian and defines more directly what he sees. This preset is pure honesty.

Chris Hieronimus

Mr Hieronimus supplies the all-round tool. This black and white preset does nothing wrong. Everything suddenly seems right.

Sebastian Trägner

Again black and white, but this time for the dreamers, the poets, the lovers with the big heart. This preset has a soul!


Here everything is fresh and without flavour enhancers. This preset is intended for food photography, but if you want to portray food well, you can make everything in the world look beautiful.

Ines Rehberger

Portraits, full of warmth and love. This preset invites you to dream, so dream and live these dreams.

André Duhme

This look is based on the claim to combine a cinematic image experience with analog neutrality without appearing characterless. A large portion of emotions is transported here.

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