FroKnows – FroPack 3


FroKnows – FroPack 3. 15 Custom Lightroom Presets.

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The mighty metropolis of Gotham features hints of neon orange, deep reds, slate grays and dark undertones. On the flipside, it also includes subtle hints of fun, playful bright colors, because in the end— why so serious?!


The roaring twenties were just as colorful as this muted preset. Besides skin tones, Capone will rip the color right out of your image, for a nice desaturated modern finish.

5th Element

Grab your multipass and become the 5th Element with this earthy preset! With a mix of deep forest greens and Egyptian tones, this preset will work wonders on both portraits and landscapes!

Mount Airy

Desaturating and brightening greens along with a high-key finish, this light & airy preset is so powerful, we decided to coin it Mount Airy!

November Rain

This dark and moody preset will turn any happy image into an angsty teenager at a high school Prom. November Rain will fill your image with cold tones accompanied with dark green and teal split toning.

Almost Famous

Transform into the calm, cool, collective Lester Bangs with this film-like blown-out preset and become Almost Famous. Matted blacks and deep grain will turn your digital image into film, and you into a Golden God!

Prestige Worldwide

Sail around the world and go port to port with Prestige Worldwide. Perfecting your image with a single click, this preset is perfect for those that want to achieve a proper, vibrant edit!


We named this preset after Stephen Eckert, who created these presets—this one was his favorite. Enough said.


Start the engine and head into a world of deep browns and blue accents with Winnebago! This preset is sure to turn any photo into a rustic, vintage image.


Bust out your neon attire and glow sticks and get ready to party with MDMA! This preset blasts your image with bursts of crazy colors from all parts of the rainbow, making you wish you were at the rave, and not editing your photos!


Fresh and full of life, Mentos softens and cleans up any image, turning it into a bright, light & beautiful photo!


Zoolander will transform your image into a really, really, ridiculously good-looking photo! With blue-green and magenta undertones, it will make your image shine on the runway!

Canadian Tuxedo

Dust off the denim jacket and wear it proudly after applying Canadian Tuxedo to your image. This preset is all a-boot cold tones, sending an avalanche of blue colors right at your photo!

Walter White

Tread lightly with this preset folks. Walter White will take your plain-jane photo and cook it up into a science experiment filled with creamy whites and muted blacks.

King Contrast

All hail the king! King Contrast will turn your flat RAW file into an all-mighty extra crispy image. The beauty of this powerful preset is that it will punch your photo with contrast, but will also play nice on skintones!

FROM: FroKnows

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