FroKnows – FroPack 4


FroKnows – FroPack 4. 14 Custom Lightroom Presets.

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Grab your sunscreen because it’s going to be a scorcher with this preset! Just like a bright day out in the sun, Coppertone transforms your image into a desaturated suntan look! Get rid of the spray-tan and go apply some sunscreen to your subjects with this natural-looking “tan”!


Get ready for a night out in Brooklyn with this perfect street photography preset! With subtle hints of blues and greens topped off with a muted look, this preset will make your cityscapes shine!


It’s time to transform your photograph into a collage of colors with this vibrant preset! Kaleidoscope is guaranteed to saturate your image with the brightest of colors!

Blues Clues

“We can do anything that we want to do” with Blues Clues! This icy preset will cast a cool hue across the image while enhancing the blues!


Time to open up the film processor and start developing your C-41 “film”! This grainy preset will convert your photograph into a nostalgic “digital negative,” muting the blacks and colors while adding a fine grit to it. Like the look but not a fan of the noise? No problem! We also included a “no grain” version for you!


Time to travel back to childhood with your favorite juice-like beverage, Hi-C! Pop the straw in your favorite juicebox beverage to get a “lavaburst” of orange and yellow tones! This preset is bound to quench your thirst of warm colors!

Wet Hot American Summer

Let’s head to camp with Wet Hot American Summer! This magenta & teal-tinted preset will reshape your photograph and get it ready for Summer!

Salt Water Taffy

Nothing like a nice walk on the boardwalk with some Salt Water Taffy down the “shore” as we like to call it here in the Northeast. Enjoy this matted preset with a golden teal finish, a perfect way to end the day in OC!


Time to hit 88 MPH and travel back in time in the Delorean! This preset will alter any color photograph into a “B&W” image with a deep metallic silver finish!


Need to introduce some BOLD contrast to your flat image? Thicken up your photograph with one of our favorites from FroPack4, THICCC! Yes, that’s with three “C’s”…

Mel Brooks

Grab your saddle and head on down to the ranch with Mel Brooks! This preset is all about the skin, transforming your subject’s pigment into a leathered rustic tan!


Let’s head back to the late 1800’s with our camera and “tin” in our latest vintage preset, Tintype! Melting a sepia tone finish with a bronzer, this new preset will take your subject back to the Victorian era!

Face Enhance (Adaptive Preset)

Get rid of your manual adjustment brush and let our brand new Adaptive Preset handle the work for you! Face Enhance will do just as the name suggests: clean up the face by softening the skin, brightening up the eyes, adding texture to the lips and hair and much more! We also added a “Full Body” version for those loose portraits along with an “Eye Enhance” edition if you’re just looking for a pop to the eyes!

Background Blur (Adaptive Preset)

Stuck with a slow lens or small sensor and wish you had more “depth” in your images? This new Adaptive Preset appropriately called Background Blur, will turn any busy background into a clean blur! Too much or too little blur? No problem! Simply use the preset slider in the top left of Lightroom Classic to adjust the overall amount of blur!

FROM: FroKnows

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