FroKnows – FroPack 1


FroKnows – FroPack 1. 14 Custom Lightroom Presets.

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Black and White Boomify

Have you ever wanted to get that super BOOMY black & white image similar to Jared’s style? For the first time ever, Jared is sharing his B+W preset that will make your images go BOOM!

Waffle House

Complete with a crunchy teal and tan split-tone, Waffle House is a preset you can snack on with any photo. This new bold look will be sure to please anyone’s RAW appetite. Also, if vignettes aren’t your thing, we’ve even included a Waffle House preset without a vignette!

Acid Wash

Filled with orange and blue undertones, Acid Wash will make your blues pop like an instant polarizer. Great for blue skies or outdoor portraits, and of course—denim jackets (aka Canadian Tuxedos)!


If you’re not into SUPER BOOMY black & whites and are looking for a more subtle, muted vibe with a punch of detail and clarity, then go with Kensington. This comes standard with a hint of natural looking grain added, but if you’re a stickler for noise, then use the included Kensington preset without grain!


When it’s just too hot outside to play some Baseball, Sandlot is your pitch perfect preset for that heated Summer look. Similar to a 60’s or 70’s film stock, this preset will bring out browns and blues with a heavy split-toned burnt look.

Color Boomify

Are you looking for a vibrant BOOMY color image? When you click color BOOMIFY, your image will be transformed from flat to super BOOMY!


Just like the name infers, Aquamarine will give your photos a teal pop with a forest green mix, turning any outdoor portrait into a unique photograph!

Cookies & Cream

Do you love the old-school feel of a warm sepia-toned image, but still want it to pop? Cookies & Cream offers a pleasing warm and creamy B+W look with a nice, soft tan hue. This preset will work for nearly every well-exposed image!

Faded Glory

Are you looking for a muted look while giving your photo a warm vintage feel? If so, give Faded Glory a shot.


“Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!” Same logic works here: Ovaltine is a brown-hued preset with a well-rounded textured tone curve with lifted blacks, giving your images a healthy look!


Offering a metallic silver finish, Silvertide will give your photos a moonlit finish, which pairs very well with metal prints!


Packed with color, this preset will paint any image with a rich palette, bringing out all the colors of the rainbow. Having tweaked reds and oranges, it even works well with skin, without making your subject look like an Oompa Loompa!

Universal Soldier

Need a great starting point that works well with EVERYTHING? Then Universal Soldier is for you. Equipped with a nice vibrant overlay, this preset is filled with natural-looking contrast, that pairs with any image.

Wonder Years

Transport any photo back in time with the Wonder Years preset. Complete with warm shadows, pleasing grain and a desaturated tone, this preset will make you reminisce about the good old days!

FROM: FroKnows

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