FroKnows – FroPack 2


FroKnows – FroPack 2. 15 Custom Lightroom Presets.

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Need a quick bite? Cinnamon Toast Crunch is bound to fulfill your hunger with tan skin tones and muted greens—a personal favorite of ours!

Caribbean Creamsicle

Seeking that modern “teal & orange” look? Caribbean Creamsicle will top off your photo without overdoing skintones with its contemporary finish.

Golden Grahams

Warming up any photo like a morning sunrise, Golden Grahams is sure to ignite any cool image with mild accents of yellow and orange.

Bob Ross

Looking for fluffy clouds and a punchy color palette? Bob Ross will turn any photo into a “happy little accident” with its vibrant colors and softened textures. Not only is it perfect for landscapes, but people too!


Freezing any image it hits, this icy preset will polarize your photo! Complete with hints of red and deep blues, Apollo will take your photo into deep space and back with its cold tones.

Burnt Sienna

Filled with muted rustic tones, Burnt Sienna will make your photo extra crispy with its subtle hints of creamy red and orange undertones.


AC/DC will electrify any photo it touches! Filled with a shocking punch of color and deep textures, AC/DC will certainly jolt your photo!

Double Stuffed Oreos

Served best with a glass of milk, Double Stuffed Oreos will rip out the color of your photo, leaving it with textured crunchy tones, complete with a splash of contrast.

Snow White

Have seven dwarfs working on your photo and it’s still not up to par? This magic mirror of a preset will “perk up” your photo with a cool white look, revitalizing any portrait or landscape.

Charlie Brown

Good Grief! Charlie Brown kicks off with brown peanut-like tones, guaranteeing you’ll never miss that football again!


Rough and tough like Philly’s favorite mascot, Gritty is bound to destroy anything in its path with its coarse, industrial consistency.

Matte Black

For the Instagrammer seeking that faded, vintage look, Matte Black is here to put a dull sheen over your photo, while still retaining contrast.

Harvest Moon

Sunsets in Autumn. Enough said.


“There’s No Place Like Home!” Filled with subtle hints of ruby red undertones, Dorothy will bring you right back to Kansas with just one—ahem, “three clicks”…


Smooth and soft like Charmin , this preset will transform any portrait into the perfect photo with a very muted, clean modern look.

FROM: FroKnows

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