Kelli Marie Connor – Profitable Mini & Specialty Sessions


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Kelli Marie Connor – Profitable Mini & Specialty Sessions

Kelli Marie Connor - Profitable Mini & Specialty Sessions
Kelli Marie Connor – Profitable Mini & Specialty Sessions

Ready to make some bank?

Let me show you the way.

Mini Sessions don’t have to look like the “$250 including 10 digital files” that we see all too often on social media. Talk about running yourself ragged and making NO money! Ick.

So let me reach you how to launch seriously profitable promotions that will completely change the way you think about Minis & Specialty Sessions.

This Guide will have you running successful Mini and Specialty sessions in no time! 

Mini and Specialty Sessions sometimes get a bad reputation as “cheap” sessions but this guide is here to change that! In fact, my average sale on my Minis is typically close to the same as my full priced regular sessions, and I am only doing a small fraction of the work! It’s truly mind blowing.

This course is applicable to all levels of photographers, whether you’re new to the business and trying to get clients in the door or you’re established and want to run something different and fun! This is even great for super successful studios who are looking to bring in MORE money in LESS time! Seriously, anyone can use the principles in this guide to revolutionize the way business is done.

Your Mini and Specialty Sessions can be just as profitable as a regular session. Yup! You read that right, just because the session is shorter does NOT mean it can’t be just as profitable!

In this course we cover:

  • Why/When you should offer Mini and Specialty Sessions
  • How to reframe the way your clients view Mini and Specialty Sessions
  • How to properly market Mini and Specialty Sessions
  • Mini Sessions as a whole ass business model
  • Pricing appropriately
  • The difference between Mini, Speciality Sessions, and Model Calls
  • Structuring your day so you aren’t exhausted afterwards
  • Booking made easy
  • The Voucher Method
  • How to work in Hair and Makeup
  • Contract additions and considerations
  • And More!

If you think you know it all, think again!


  • Highly Recommended Course Supplements
  • BouDIY
  • Bad Reputation
  • Why Offer Mini Sessions
  • Working with Intention
  • Working With Intention Worksheet.pdf
  • Mini Sessions as a Complete Business Model
  • Minis CAN be Luxury!

The Difference Between Minis, Specialty Sessions, Model Calls, and Full Price Sessions

  • Mini Sessions vs. Specialty Sessions
  • Mini/Specialty Sessions vs. Full Priced Sessions
  • Mini/Specialty Sessions vs. Model Call Sessions
  • Limited Luxury Sessions or Destination Sessions

When to Offer Minis & Specialty Sessions

  • When to Offer Minis & Specialty Sessions
  • The 4 Quarter Method
  • The 6 Month Method
  • The Monthly Method

Ideas for Specialty Sessions & Minis

  • Ideas for Themes
  • Bonus Sets as Minis
  • Themes Worksheet.pdf


  • The Importance of Hype
  • Preparing for Launch
  • Scarcity Marketing
  • Scarcity Marketing with Online Booking
  • Conditioning Your Audience
  • Marketing a Year of Minis
  • Focused Marketing
  • Images for Marketing
  • How Far in Advance to Market
  • Social Media Copy

Hair/Makeup & Wardrobe

  • Hair and Makeup
  • Consider this…
  • Wardrobe
  • HMUA as Assistant
  • Getting Clients to Opt-In on HMUA + Script

Scheduling for Multiple Clients in a Day

  • 4 Customizable Schedule Examples
  • How Much Time Should Be Included?

Session Fee Pricing for Minis & Specialty Sessions

  • How to Decide What to Charge
  • Mini Session Fee
  • Upselling on the Session Fee
  • Factoring in Shooting Space Costs (with or without studio)

Pricing Menu for Minis & Specialty Sessions

  • Modified Price List
  • Digital Files
  • Ideas for Specialty Products
  • Pricing Sheet Example
  • Mini Guide How To Pricing
  • Collections
  • Minimum Purchase Requirement
  • Deciding What To Charge Worksheet.pdf


  • The Voucher Method
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Terms & Conditions [Copy]
  • Voucher Form Set Up & Workflow Integration –

Pre Session Preparation for Effective Minis

  • How to Quickly & Easily Warm Clients Up
  • Pre Session Email Template

In Person Prep Script

  • Pre Session Phone Script
  • Pre Session Payment Plan Bonuses with Minis?
  • How Many Poses for a Mini?
  • In Person Sales
  • Same Day IPS for Minis
  • IPS Process for Minis

Getting Your Mini Clients Booked for Full Sessions

  • Getting Mini Clients to Book Full Sessions

Mini Session Issues & How to Prevent Them

  • Self Care During Minis
  • Average Sale
  • Under-Booking

Real Examples of my Past Promotions

  • August 2019 Mini Pricing
  • 2020 Waterfall Specialty Sessions
  • 2020 Beach Specialty Sessions
  • 2020 Beach Week Destination Sessions

Free Canva Templates

  • Instagram Story Template
  • Facebook Post Template
  • Facebook Cover Template
  • Specialty Session Prep Guide Template

My 2023 Valentine’s Day Mini Launch (NOT INCLUDED)


FROM: Kelli Marie Connor

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