Embrace Presets – The Eclipse Workflow- AI Powered Effect Presets


Embrace Presets – The Eclipse Workflow- AI Powered Effect Presets

The very first AI-Powered Presets for Lightroom and ACR are here. With the new Lightroom masking tool, you are now able to edit certain portions of your images with presets.

AI masking Presets let you make local adjustments to specific areas of your photos. I.e. Subject, Background, Sky and even parts of the body, face lips hair or it lets you choose one person out of a group of people to edit.

By “masking” or hiding areas of your photos, you can selectively apply adjustments without affecting other parts of your photos.

The AI capability drastically speeds up the masking process, too. And the best part is that the Masking tool is non-destructive, so you can experiment with different settings without worrying about permanently damaging your photos.

The Eclipse Workflow: Add Haze, Fog, Warmth, or other effects to your images on top of your base preset to make adjustments or add that special touch to your final edit.

The Eclipse Workflow works for outdoor and indoor images.

Includes 25 AI-Powered effect presets:

Background – Darken Background – Fix Green Background – Haze Background – Morning Mist Background – Shallow DOF Background – Sunset Glow Background – Sunset Haze Background – Warmth Indoor – Foggy Beach Indoor – Magic Indoor – Pro-mist People – Hair so Soft Preset – Fog Preset – Dark and Foggy Sky – Darken Background Sky – Storm Clouds Sky – Sunset Sky Sky – Sunset Storm Subject – Bounce Back The Light Subject – Desaturate/Brighten Subject – Desaturate/Fix Skin tone Subject- Gold Rush Subject – Sharp Subject – Skin so soft Subject – Skin Warm Soft

Note: You need the newest versions of LR and ACR(Lightroom Classic version 12.0 Released in the October 2022.) for this to work.  The photos shown are edited with a Preset + the Eclipse Workflow to finish the image with a special effect.

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