Embrace Presets – Incandescent


Embrace Presets – Incandescent

This is a collection that has 10 Presets and 5 Ai Powered Special effects included. The new era of editing has begun and it’s so exciting.

You will now find these new Ai powered Presets in each new future preset Collection from me. Incandescent Featuring brighter yet rich tones that will transform your images. Bright and moody is what I like to call this Collection Presets.

Included : 10 Presets for Lightroom and ACR 5 Ai Powered Effect Presets to add on to your edit. Background : Midday Light Background. : Shallow DOF People : Hair so soft Subject : Sharpen Subject : Warm Image courtesy : _chupacapra_ , Jasmin Jade. Rawpixel, Adobe Stock

Note: You need the newest versions of LR and ACR(Lightroom Classic version 12.0 Released in the October 2022.) for this to work.

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