Archipelago Aletheia LR/ACR Presets + Profiles


Unleash True-to-Life Colors and Purest Beauty— Introducing Aletheia (alḗtheia, ‘truth’), an extraordinary collection of Lightroom presets meticulously crafted to bring out vivid, honest colors. Embrace the essence of purest beauty and transform your images into stunning masterpieces that captivate and leave a lasting impression. Aletheia was designed by experts who understand the importance of displaying images in their most vibrant and natural form, highlighting every subtle detail and delivering stunning visuals that mirror the reality of the moment.

True-to-Life Colors: No more compromising on the authenticity of your photographs, Aletheia embraces the philosophy of true-to-life colors, ensuring that your images retain their genuine beauty just as the eye perceives them. With a simple click, watch as your pictures come alive with accurate hues, realistic skin tones, and natural color balance. Dial in the edit further by combining each base preset with one of the twelve included creative profiles to craft uniquely artistic edits that convey emotion and narrative.

In today’s fast-paced world, every moment counts. Aletheia was meticulously created to streamline your workflow, enabling you to effortlessly enhance your images with just a few clicks. By reducing the time spent on post-processing, you can focus more on what matters most—capturing breathtaking shots and telling your unique visual stories.

Aletheia Color Base – Designed to work seamlessly with the ten color profiles included with this set, allowing you to tone your images with ultimate precision.

Color Profile 1 + Matte – Accentuated whites, soft contrast and a subtle blooming effect for a pleasing, natural edit.

Color Profile 2 + Matte – Maple warmth and slightly desaturated blues with soft blooming highlights.

Color Profile 3 – Dark – desaturated yellows and greens with a heady sage undertone.

Color Profile 4 + Illume – Desaturated yellows and minty greens with a calming blue overtone.

Color Profile 5 + Illume – Heavily desaturated yellows, greens and blues, and cool midtones.

Color Profile 6 + Matte – Marine blue shadows, ice-white highlights, cool-toned greens, and a subtle blooming effect.

Color Profile 7 + Matte – A Velvety, yellow chartreuse overtone and gently blooming highlights.

Color Profile 8 + Illume – Warm-toned greens and flattering nectarine midtones.

Color Profile 9 – Moody and desaturated with an atmospheric quality.

Color Profile 10 + Illume – Nostalgic, faded tones and moss greens shadows.

Color Profile 10 + Green/Yellow Decrease – Nostalgic, faded tones and moss greens shadows.

Aletheia BW Base – Crisp and clean, modern black and white base with a beautifully neutral tonality.

BW Profile 1 – Distinctive, contrasty tonality with a textured and defined feel.

BW Profile 2 – A warm, earthy-toned black and white with a gentle contrast and softened texture.

BW Profile 2 + Grain ++ – A warm, earthy-toned black and white with a gentle contrast and softened texture.

FROM: Archipelago 

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