Archipelago Quest – Quest 32 Zalea


Step into a captivating world where the depths of the ocean meet the tranquil hues of the earth. Quest 32 Zalea lures you to look to the sea in awe– immerse yourself in tempestuous, earthy tones of steely cobalt blues and seafoam greens. Zalea Presets have been meticulously crafted and inspired by the vastness and majesty of the sea, with 3 unique color presets, 2 creative profiles, BRAND NEW Point Color presets, and tools to help you achieve dramatic, cinematic, and enigmatic tones.

Zalea 01 – Steely cobalt blues, deep teal and emerald greens, lemon yellows. Includes Sky Recover mask for extra detail and mood in the sky.

Zalea 02 – Desaturated forest and sea-greens and rich blues with earthy red ocher tones.

Zalea 03 – Warm citrine overtone with faded teal-blues, light sienna earth tones.

Zalea Cobalt-Blue Profile – Adds deeper contrast and cobalt blue tones

Zalea Sea-Green Profile – Adds deeper contrast and sea-green tones

Point Color – Blue > Teal – Uses Point Color to shift blue tones to teal tones

Point Color – Blues – Uses Point Color to adjust blue hues to give them more robin’s egg blue tones

Point Color – Browns – Uses Point Color to shift brown tones to rich, rust tones

Point Color – Greens – Adjusts the hues of the greens, giving them deep desaturated turquoise tones

Background Color – and + – Desaturates or saturates the colors in the background of your image

Vignette – Adds a dark, dramatic vignette to the edges, sky, and ground of your image

FROM: Archipelago Quest

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