Archipelago – Fourxfive Presets


Archipelago – Fourxfive Presets

Archipelago – Fourxfive Presets
Archipelago – Fourxfive Presets


There is an unmistakable richness and depth to large format film images.

Working with this medium forces you to slow down, to connect with your camera and your subject, and to be present. It is an exercise in mindfulness. Our new FOURXFIVE preset collection aims to bring this feeling, this magic, to your work.

Inspired by 4×5 film, the FOURXFIVE collection features five color and one B&W preset. Also included are three unique film borders, easily applied with one-click, adding a unique film vibe to your images.

Customize your edit further to achieve that large-format film look with the included Blur, Contrast, and Dark tools. The included Color and BW Density profiles add or decrease overall image density and contrast.

Create work that stands out. Embrace the depth and dimension of FOURXFIVE.


AP45 01

Neutral shadows & mid-tones, with coral/plum highlights. Greens and blues shift to cyan and teal hues. -Image Courtesy Anne Ucla

AP45 02

Aquamarine/emerald overtone with peach and sunflower mid-tones & highlights. -Image Courtesy White Shutter Photography

AP45 03

Warm copper and bronze shadows and mid-tones with neutral highlights. -Image Courtesy Brittany Carey

AP45 04

Citrine shadows with cool winter-green mid-tones and highlights. -Image Courtesy Anne Ucla

AP45 05

Neutral shadows with honey-colored mid-tones, deep emerald greens, and azure blues. -Image Courtesy Anne Ucla

AP45 06

Classic Black and white, with matte highlights and warm mid-tones and shadows. -Image Courtesy Anne Ucla


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